Brian Enos's Far Superior Lite Slide Glide - 60ml

The Brian Enos's Far Superior Slide Glide - Lite is an expertly formulated lubricant that protects firearms from wear and corrosion and softens felt recoil in semi-automatic firearms, particularly pistols.
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Slide-Glide is formulated to have a stringy consistency that prevents spreading and tracking on sliding metal surfaces. It stays put in the friction areas of the cycling slide and barrel, providing a dramatic improvement in lubrication compared to conventional oils and greases.

More Information
Lubrication Type Grease
Cleaning No
Preserving No
Brand Brian Enos
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.20
Package Quantity 1.00
Viscosity  Thin
Temperature Range 30+ Degrees Fahrenheit
Firearms Application
  • Center fire Pistols - Non-compensated & Compensated
  • Rifles - All action types, including lever actions
  • Shotguns - All action types
  • Revolvers - Internal action parts only
  • Pellet Guns
  • Carry Guns - Applied extremely sparingly 




Lite viscosity - perfect for all firearms in all climates.
1 x 60 ml tub lubricant.