Refunds, Repairs & Returns


Shooting Stuff Refund, Repair & Return Policy

Version 2016-02


You can shop at Shooting Stuff with confidence! Should you be dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return it to us for refund, exchange or repair under the following conditions.

1. Complete Satisfaction 
1.1. We offer a full refund of a purchased product, provided that this product:
1.1.1 is still in its original packaging,
1.1.2 has not been damaged in any way,
1.1.3  is unused,
1.1.4  was purchased not more than 90 days ago, and
1.1.5  is accompanied by the relevant invoice.
1.2   There are some exceptions and limitations -these product types are non-refundable:
1.2.1 Any product that has been modified in any way from its original form or size.
1.2.2 Clothing and footwear.
1.2.3  Consumable products.
1.2.4 Discounted, clearance or “voetstoots” products.
1.2.5  Gift cards.
1.2.6  Services, including where appointments were missed without reasonable notice.
1.2.7  Shipping, both to and from the Customer when initiated or requested by the Customer.
1.2.8  Special / custom orders; see our separate policy related to Backorders and Special Orders.
1.3 Some returned items, notably firearms and ammunition, are subject to a restocking fee.
1.3.1 See our separate Terms for Firearm Sales.
1.3.2 See our separate Terms for Ammunition Sales.
1.4 We offer Customers the option of paying a deposit to secure a place on the waiting list for certain products that we normally stock. This deposit is not refundable, but may be converted to store credit should the landed item not meet the customer’s expectations.
 2. Defective Products
 2.1 At our sole discretion and within their various warranty periods, we will attempt to repair or replace defective products.
2.1.1  Should repair or direct replacement not be possible, we may offer the Customer a similar or equivalent product. Any price adjustment will be made, whether requiring refund by Shooting Stuff or pay-in by the Customer.
2.1.2  Any products defective within their warranty periods that cannot be repaired, replaced or exchanged may be refunded in full or converted to store credit.
2.2  Shooting Stuff is an authorised service centre for Dillon Precision Products, makers of the world’s finest reloading equipment. Shooting Stuff fully supports Dillon’s Lifetime No-B.S. Warranty (on relevant products) and Dillon’s limited warranty on textiles, electric and electronic items as well as the Super 1050 commercial reloading machine.
 3. Shipping
 3.1 Shipping is always for the Customer’s account when initiated or requested by the Customer, including purchases, returns (for repair, exchange or refund) and replacements.
3.1.1  Should it be necessary to return an item to the manufacturer for repair, the shipping costs to and from the manufacturer is also for the Customer’s account. These costs would be quoted first and require written / e-mailed confirmation from the Customer.


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