Dillon AT 500 Powder Die - Oversize

The Dillon Oversize AT 500 Powder Die is for manual powder dispensing, typically for individually weighed charges. It features a set screw that holds the calibre-specific powder funnel in place within the powder die for quicker, easier calibre changes. The oversize variant is a necessary additional purchase for large diameter cases, such as .338 Lapua, WSM family, etc.
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This die is not suitable for auto powder measures

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Manufacturer Part Number 16626
Brand Dillon Precision
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.10
SKU DLN-16626
Package Quantity 1.00
Number of Dies in Set 1.00

Standard die thread: 7/8x14tpi Internal diameter: ~15.8mm (at the bottom)

Set screw to hold powder funnel Larger internal diameter accomodates the following: 500 S&W, 50 AE, the WSM and WSSM family of cartridges, the RUM and RSAUM family of cartridges, .378 Weatherby and up, .338 Lapua, and 416 Rigby. Suitable for the Dillon RL 550B, XL 650 machines.

Powder die (silver) with 1" lock-nut and integral set-screw