Dillon Carbide Case Trim Die - 300 BLK

The Dillon .300 Blackout Carbide Case Trim Die is designed to resize and, when used together with the Dillon RT1500 or RT1200B electric case trimmers, to also trim the cartridge case to the correct length. This carbide die is caliber-specific and requires the appropriate short trim-die tool head to work properly on the Dillon RL 550B, XL 650 or Super 1050 progressive reloading machines. Brass chips / shavings are drawn off through a vaccuum manifold that clamps to the outside of the die. The vaccuum manifold is supplied seprately as part of the electric case trimmer assembly.

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More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 62140
Brand Dillon Precision
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.20
SKU DLN-62140
Package Quantity 1
Sizing Die Material Carbide
Die Function Trimming
Die Calibre 300 BLK
Number of Dies in Set 1.00
  • Suitable for re-sizing .300 Blackout cartridge cases.
  • Standard 7/8x14tpi die-thread.
  • Compatible with any standard reloader, single stage or progressive, that has a thin enough tool head for this short die. Dillon tool heads for this die are about 17mm thick.
  • Resize and trim in one operation.
  • Does not de-prime cases.
  • Compatible with the Dillon RT 1200B and RT 1500 electric case trimmer.

One case-trim die