Dillon Carbide Sizing Die - 30-06 Spr

The Dillon .30-06 Spr Carbide Rifle Sizing die is used for reloading .30-06 Spr ammunition. It offers full-length sizing, to minimum tolerances, sizing cases down to function in self-loading rifles. The depriming assembly includes a carbide expander ball for neck expansion, and also functions as a built-in stuck case remover. Dillon dies are designed to work best on Dillon progressive reloading machines. All Dillon dies have standard 7/8"x14tpi threads and the sizing/depriming die has an intergral stuck-case remover designed in! The new 1" lock rings allow a little more space on the tool head (when adjusting the dies) for the 1" wrench to fit. Case lube is required for all rifle dies, steel or carbide, and we recommend Dillon case lube.

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More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 62150
Brand Dillon Precision
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.20
SKU DLN-62150
Package Quantity 1
Sizing Die Material Carbide
Reloading Application Progressive, Turret, Single Stage
Die Function Full Length Sizing
Die Calibre 30-06
Number of Dies in Set 1.00
  • Suitable for the following calibre(s): ..30-06 Spr
  • Sizing die material: Steel
  • Screw thread: 7/8x14tpi

All Dillon dies are hex-headed for easy adjustment using a wrench.

Sizing Die :

  • Full-length steel die with radiussed opening, to work best on progressive reloaders!
  • Polished to a high micro-finish
  • Sizes to minimum tolerances, to ensure proper functioning in self-loading rifles
  • Solid, 1-piece decapping pin
  • Carbide expander ball for effortless neck expansion
  • Decapping assembly serves as stuck case remover, if required
  • 1x Seating Die