Dillon Powder Bar (Magnum Rifle)

The Dillon Magnum Rifle Powder Bar is required to throw very large powder charges from your Dillon powder measure. It can throw from around 50gr to over 70gr of extruded propellant and over 80gr of ball / spherica types. It replaces the standard powder bar that comes with each Dillon powder measure.
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Typical calibres requiring the magnum rifle powder bar include 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, .375 H&H;, .458 Win Mag, etc. Works with all Dillon powder measures (except the Magnum system #97126)

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Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 21353
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SKU DLN-21353
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Throws from 50gr to 73gr extruded, and 82gr ball / spherical (approximately)

Throws large charges consistently

One magnum rifle powder bar assembly