Dillon RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler (Small, 220V)

The Dillon RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler (Small, 220V) is an electrically powered machine to sort and transfer a hundred small primers from their packaging box into a "tansfer tube", for subsequent transfer into the primer magazine of your favourite Dillon progressive reloading machine.
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The RF 100 eliminates the need to manually fill primer pick-up tubes. Carefully pour the primers from their box into the top of the RF 100, press the blue button and watch it run! Yes, it's fun to watch but you could also load about 30 rounds while the RF 100 does its work. Within two minutes the RF 100 sorts the primers right way up and fills the "tramsfer tube" with a hundred primers; a timer shuts the machine off after about 2 minutes. All the electrical & electronic components of Dillon equipment are covered by a one-year warranty from date of purchase. This unit has a 1-year warranty.

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Primer Size Large Pistol
Manufacturer Part Number 97113
Brand Dillon Precision
Shipping Weight (Kg) 11.70
SKU DLN-97113
Package Quantity 1

220V Capacity: 100 primers Rate: about 50 primers per minute

2-minute timer Manual on-off button This unit is for small primers (handgun or rifle) A conversion kit to also load large primers is available (#17902). For the user's safety, the "transfer tube" is contained in a protective metal housing (blue, for small primers).

The RF 100 comes in a big white box:

  • RF 100 machine
  • One "transfer tube" in a protective metal housing (blue, for small primers)
  • B stabiliser plate (#17295)
  • 1/8Ó Short Arm Allen Wrench (#13728)
  • R-clip (#14040)
  • Spare nylon washer
  • Instructions