Dillon Super 1050 Caliber Conversion Kit - 30-06 Spr

The Dillon .30-06 Spr Super 1050 Caliber Conversion Kit is a box of the calibre-specific items required to convert your Dillon Super 1050 progressive reloading machine to be able to load .30-06 Spr calibre ammunition. Specially modified dies are part of this .30-06 kit for the Super 1050.
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If you don't already have it, you may require the large rifle case feeder plate (#21075), available seprately. You may also require the large primer system for this calibre (#20476).

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Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 21050
Shipping Weight (Kg) 1.00
SKU DLN-21050
Package Quantity 1.00

Suitable for .30-06 Spr cartridges.

  • Shell plate #1
  • 6x Brass locator buttons #1, each with a blue locator tab (5x long, 1x short)
  • Swage die, with die lock ring Swage backup rod / expander #308, with 9/16-18 lock nut
  • Casefeed adaptor - red (pinned)
  • Casefeed plunger - large
  • Powder funnel #B
  • .30-06 short die set for 1050 (3 die set, #11337)