Dillon XL 650/750 Caliber Conversion Kit - 6.5x55mm

The Dillon 6.5x55mm XL 650 Caliber Conversion Kit is a box of the calibre-specific items required to convert your Dillon XL 650 progressive reloading machine to be able to load 6.5x55mm and similar calibre ammunition. Dies are not part of this kit, and should be procured separately.
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This kit comprises the 5-station shell plate, three brass locator buttons and powder funnel, the silver, cylindrical insert that goes in the powder die. It also includes the small case feed parts from the bottom of the case feed tube to the shell plate.

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Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 21476
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.50
SKU DLN-21476
Package Quantity 1.00
This kit is suitable to load the following calibres on the XL 650 machine:
  • 6.5x55mm
The blue plastic conversion kit box contains
  • 1x Shell plate #6.5
  • 3x Brass locator buttorns #1
  • 1x Powder funnel #Y
  • 1x Casefeed adapter (black)
  • 1x Casefeed arm bushing (white)
  • 1x Casefeed body bushing (large)
  • 1x Station 1 locator #1