L.E Wilson Case Length Gauge - 45-70

The L.E Wilson Case Length Gauge is a one-piece, non-adjustable cylinder-type gauge, milled on one end for checking min and max length of straight-walled rifle and pistol cases (having no shoulder). 

This gauge is precision engineered and is of exceptional quality.

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The L.E Wilson Case Length Gauge measures the case length (min/max), a critical dimension for all straight walled cartridge cases (i.e. those without a shoulder)
This Case Length Gauge does NOT measure body diameters. For that, see the Pistol Max Gauge or Min Dimension Gauge.
For best results, set the cartridge case on a flat surface, slide the gauge over the top of the case (milled grooves up). Then run a straight edge over the top of the gauge to detect excessive length that may prevent proper chambering.
More Information
Cartridge Calibre 45-70
Gauge Material Stainless Steel
Machine Compatibility SDB, RL 550, XL 650, Super 1050
Brand LE Wilson
Manufacturer Part Number CLG-4570
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.20
Package Quantity 1.00
One Gauge