Matt Burkett DVD - Handgun techniques

The Matt Burkett DVD - Handgun techniques (Practical Shooting, Volumes 1-3) is a 2 disc training video teaching the techniques required to be a successful handgun shooter. This issue includes chapters on Safety, Equipment Choice and Setup, Stance, Grip, Eye Dominance, Sight Information, Weak / Strong Hand, Target Transitions, Draws, Reloads, Trigger Control, Shooting while moving and more!
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This two dis DVD set provides an advanced level of knowledge and skill set for the casual handgun shooter, but also teaches the skills and techniques needed to dominate in the competitive shooting sports!

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Brand Matt Burkett
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Total Running Time 155 Min
  • Learn the skills needed to dominate in competitive shooting sports!
  • Bonus - Master gunsmith, Don Golembieski guest stars to talk about equipment selection and maintenance.
2 Disc DVD set