Type I Facemask [20]

Type I Facemask [20]

Type II Facemask [50]

The Type II Facemask is a 3 ply protective facemask with CE certification, that offers 98% filtration. This pack contains 50 masks offering protection against dust, pollens, pollutants and splashes of bodily fluids, such as blood, spittle, nasal fluid and so on.

Facemasks protect in three ways. Most importantly, the facemask helps to contain large and small droplets caused by coughing, sneezing and even from talking, so that potentially infected fluids are not spread to others. Secondly, the facemask helps to keep splashes and sprays from reaching the mouth and nose of the person wearing the mask. Thirdly, wearing any mask can reduce the hand-to-face contact thus limiting the transfer of germs from hands to mouth, nose and eyes.

Additional measures should be used in conjunction with a face mask. These include frequent hand washing (20 seconds with soap and water), hand hygiene using a suitable hand sanitizer, social distancing, avoiding crowds / congestion and practicing proper sneeze etiquette (into a tissue or the inside of your elbow). 

The European (CE) standard for surgical masks is EN 14683, and these Type II Masks filter out at least 98% of particles bigger than 3 microns.

Prices below are per pack of 50 Masks:

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