Dillon Carbide 3-die Set - 30 M1 Carbine

The Dillon .30 M1 Carbine Carbide Rifle 3-die set is used for reloading .30 M1 Carbine ammunition. This 3-die set includes a sizing/depriming die with full-length tungsten-carbide sizing insert, a bullet seating die and a crimp die. All Dillon dies are hex-headed for easy adjustment using a wrench.

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More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 62128
Brand Dillon Precision
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.60
SKU DLN-62128
Package Quantity 1.00
Sizing Die Material Carbide
Reloading Application Progressive, Turret, Single Stage
Die Family Dillon Carbide Die Set
Die Function Decapping, Full Length Sizing, Seating, Crimping
Die Calibre 30 Carbine
Number of Dies in Set 3.00
  • Suitable for the following calibre(s): .30M1 Carbine
  • Sizing die material: Steel body with a full-length tungsten carbide sizing insert
  • Seating die material: Steel
  • Crimp die material: Steel
  • Screw thread: 7/8x14tpi

Sizing Die :

  • Spring-loaded floating decap assembly throws off spent primers, eliminating primer draw-back
  • Heavy-duty, headed decapping pin
  • Long, tapered carbide ring with radiussed opening is why Dillon dies work best on progressive reloaders!

Bullet seating die:

  • Quick-release die insert to clean the seating die without losing adjustment
  • Flip-flop seating stem to quickly change between RN and SWC / FP bullets
  • Vented seating stem
  • Generously radiussed die mouth for smooth progressive reloading

Crimp die :

  • Taper crimp for semi-auto pistols 
  • Accu-crimp for revolvers
  • Quick-release die insert to clean the crimp die without losing the critical crimp adjustment - especially useful when loading lead bullets!
  • Generously radiussed die mouth for smooth progressive reloading

Blue plastic box containing:

  • 1x Sizing/depriming die
  • 1x Bullet seating die
  • 1x Crimp die
  • Spare decapping pin
  • Instruction manual