L.E Wilson Bushing Full-length Sizing Die - 280 Rem

The L.E Wilson Bushing Full-length Sizing Die is a high quality die to easily and precisely resize your cartridge cases. It allows you to size the case body while controlling the neck tension via interchangeable bushings of the correct size, and it decaps (if required) in one operation.

Bushings are sold seperately. 

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The new L.E Wilson Bushing Full-length Sizing Die (FLD) is compatible with regular 7/8-in reloading presses.

The FLD will allow you to size the case neck to your desired neck tension (using interchangeable bushings) while sizing down the rest of the case body at the same time. The die includes an adjustable depth decapping rod. Since the bushings provide the correct neck tension, the decapping rod does not use an expander. The decapping rod can be removed when not required, and an extra decapping punch is included, just in case!

Bushings are sold separately.

  • Use with your L.E Wilson Case Gage and Case Gauge Depth Micrometer to determine the proper sizing and to prevent overworking your cartridge cases
  • High quality material, hardened to L.E Wilson specifications
  • Interchangeable Bushings to get desired neck tension
  • Compatible with standard 7/8ths reloading presses
  • Sizes neck, shoulder and body dimensions 
  • Stainless parts for a long lasting finish
  • Durable and accurate
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number FLD-280R
Brand LE Wilson
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.4
Bushing Material Steel
Sizing Die Material Steel
Size Die Type Full-Length Sizing (Bushing)
Reloading Application Progressive, Turret, Single Stage
Die Family Wilson Bushing-type Full Length Sizing Die
Die Function Neck Size Bushing, Full Length Sizing
Die Calibre 280 Rem
Number of Dies in Set 1.00