Shooting Stuff Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket SDB

The Shooting Stuff Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket (SDB) is a kit that positions the empty cardridge cases conveniently on the right-hand side of the Dillon Square Deal B progressive reloading machine, ready for inserting into station 1.
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R 750.00
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Please note that this item is compatible with the SDB Machine ONLY

It reduces the workload through economy of motion and fits all SDB-machines using the machine mount (or Strong Mount).

More Information
Machine Compatibility SDB
Brand Shooting Stuff
Shipping Weight (Kg) 3.00
Package Quantity 1.00
  • 3mm Steel mounting bracket, powder coated blue
  • Blue LinBin, size 2

The kit includes:

  • 2x Cartridge Bin (LinBin)
  • 1x Steel mounting bracket
  • Fasteners
  • Instructions