Case Prep with Rollsizer, from down-under in Australia, makes a series of case rollers and a universal decapper to recondition your used cases and prepare them for the perfect reloads. 

The case rollers are available in three sizes to suit your productivity, and budget:

1) MINI for small volumes, operated manually or via cordless drill,
2) DC ELECTRIC for higher 'recreational' volumes, and
3) COMMERCIAL for really high volumes, including industrial use.

The case rollers require caliber specific parts. Each case roller can be used for several different calibers by changing the caliber with the appropriate conversion kits. Shooting Stuff stocks the full range of caliber conversion kits for for each machine.

The DECAPPER is an automated, universal decapping machine featuring a self-centering, universal decapping die; all it does is remove the primer at the start of the case-prep process! designed these machines for automation! The Dillon electrical case feeder reliably supplies high volumes of cases via the feeder tube included with each Rollsizer machine. Check out the process on YouTube.

Shooting Stuff has a MINI Rollsizer on display, and a COMMERCIAL Rollsizer operating in the shop. We have gained valuable experience in operating the machines, and our expertise is available to you when setting up, and occasionally troubleshooting, your Rollsizer.

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