The Home of Dillon in South Africa

The Home of Dillon in South Africa

Shooting Stuff is a specialist reloading store and the home of Dillon reloading in South Africa. We currently have all the Dillon Precision reloading machines in stock.

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Dillon Precision makes the world’s finest progressive reloaders. A big claim, and true! Dillon progressive reloaders are simply the best equipment to load high volumes of ammunition for action pistol, 3-gun, AR-15s, PRS, hunting, and more.

Shooting Stuff has:

Stock. Dillon Precision reloaders – SDB, RL550, XL750, RL1100 – are available in-store and online, in convenient configured kits too.

Support. Shooting Stuff supports Dillon’s legendary Lifetime No-BS Warranty. We are Dillon’s factory authorized service center in South Africa, with plenty of spares on hand to keep you reloading – no matter where you got your Dillon.

Expertise. With 27 years of hands-on Dillon experience, we have probably encountered your problem before. For setup, service, troubleshooting and expert advice, we are here to help.

The Dillon XL750 is by far the most popular reloader. Make up your own system, or select one of our convenient, configured kits. Visit our website to compare the different options (see Details tab below each configured kit) and select the kit that best suits your needs.

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