Lyman Pro Die Sets

Shooting Stuff stocks Lyman Products, including their exceptional Pro Die Sets. The Lyman Pro Die Sets are a cut above the rest and make setting up your progressive reloader easier than ever before - giving you more time to shoot!

All calibers in the Lyman Pro Die Sets feature a full-length carbide sizing insert for durable, accurate case sizing. Lyman Pro Die Sets include a micrometer-adjustable bullet seater (that can also apply crimp) and an equally convenient micrometer-adjustable taper crimp die. The case flare die rounds out the handgun sets, while the renowned M-die completes the Lyman Pro Die Sets in rifle calibers - perfect for a bullet feeder setup, or just as an expander mandrel.

Jonathan evaluated the Lyman Pro Dies Sets in .40 S&W (handgun) and .223 Rem (rifle), and his product reviews are available on our YouTube channel. Check them out to help you realize why Lyman Pro Dies should be your preferred choice.

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